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The best day in my life <3

Yesterday was the best day of my life, even I can not believe I’ve seen Paramore so close, it was worth this almost all day waiting for it. From the first moment he appeared on stage I began to cry and mourn, Hayley looked beautiful, Jeremy is so fucking perf and Taylor is more handsome than in photos.

No concert could overcome it, if I loved before Paramore now I can not express how I feel about it. I hope Hayley does what it said in the middle of the concert and not delay another five years to return to Mexico City. 18 thousand people singing along with Hayley and screaming every time a song ends in ‘Still Into You’ were seen hundreds of blue and white balloons in the last song (Brick by boring brick) had papers everywhere oranges and all singing at the same time, the whole place was completely full.

I think Paramore was very impressed by all the people who had, especially Hayley she said it was the biggest concert we had had that was not a festival.

Now I’m happier than ever, and never forget this, enjoy every second of every song.

Paramore is and will be my favorite band.

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2 days for see Paramore in concert!
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5 days to see paramore in concert! OMFG
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14 days for see Paramore in concert omg!
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17 days to see Paramore!!

i can’t wait :D

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Finally I have my ticket to see Paramore in concert <3

so fucking happy :’)

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